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Changing attitudes as big a culprit as slow economy in retail’s struggles

How many Targets does one city need? How many Walgreens or CVS pharmacies? The odds are good that you live within a short drive of at least one Target, possibly two or three. Same with the Walgreens and CVS. But … Continue reading

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Speculative construction to begin in 2012? Maybe…

The past few years, if you wanted to get a laugh out of a lender, all you had to do was pitch them a speculative construction deal.  You would probably still elicit a few chuckles today as well, but according … Continue reading

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Predicting the future of commercial real estate: Bravery matters

Bravery matters when your job is to forecast the fate of the commercial real estate industry. Just ask Hessam Nadji, managing director of research and advisory services with Marcus & Millichap Real Estate Investment Services. He oversees the researchers at … Continue reading

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Rebuilding by streching your borders

Opus Development Corp. suffered mightily during the country’s recession. Today, the company is aggressively rebuilding itself. And to do so, it’s reaching far beyond the borders of its home state. Iowa, for instance, has become a key state for the … Continue reading

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Healthcare freeze proves it: Politics does matter (sometimes)

What impact do politicians really have on the commercial real estate market? We hear legislators debating policies and issues. And then it seems as if all this debate and posturing results in nothing. Don’t tell that to Mike MacKinnon, though. … Continue reading

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Percentage of CMBS Loans Paying Off at Balloon Holds Steady

Trepp, LLC, a provider of CMBS and commercial mortgage information, recently released its February Payoff Report for fixed rate U.S. conduit loans. The percentage of loans paying off at their balloon date held steady in February at 38.4 percent, and … Continue reading

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Consistent resiliency: Omaha leads the way in stability, even today

Kyle Peterson doesn’t regret, not for a moment, working in Omaha. Peterson, senior vice president and managing director of brokerage for that city’s Grubb & Ellis|Pacific Realty brokerage, said that he’s seen few, if any, cities that have fared as … Continue reading

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