Waiting for the construction surge in Kansas

Lee Brodbeck

Lee Brodbeck can see it starting: A growing number of developers in and near Olathe, Kansas, are getting ready to start building again.

And for Brodbeck, managing broker and sales manager for Coldwell Banker Commercial Fishman & Company in Olathe, this is good news.

“We are all waiting for more construction activity,” Brodbeck said. “Construction being down for so long has really had an impact on the commercial real estate business. But we are starting to see some signs now that people are thinking about getting back to building. Once it starts, I think we’ll see it snowball.”

Here’s what Brodbeck is seeing: More developers are contacting local Plan Commissions. More are starting to investigate the zoning codes in specific areas.

In other words, there aren’t many big projects planned yet for Brodbeck’s region. But the signs of building activity are popping up.

“The strength of the next year really depends on construction,” Brodbeck said. “And a lot of that depends on whether developers can receive financing. We are hearing that banks are ready to make loans again. If that really does happen, I think that you’ll see a big turnaround in all markets.”

— Dan Rafter

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