Is your commercial real estate firm on LinkedIn? It should be

Patricia True Agos recently talked with officials at some of the biggest commercial real estate companies in the Midwest about how they use social media to boost their businesses.

Does your commercial real estate company maintain an active presence on LinkedIn?

It should. And if it doesn’t? It might be losing business.

That is one of the results from an informal social media survey conducted by Patricia True Agos, head of Chicago-based public-relations firm KT Public Relations.

True Agos talked to officials with such big commercial real estate firms: Jones Lang LaSalle, Leopardo, The Alter Group, CBRE and Op2mize. Her column summarizing these companies’ thoughts on social media makes for fascinating reading, and you’ll find it in the August issue of Midwest Real Estate News.

But here’s a tidbit for now: The commercial real estate officials whom True Agos interviewed had plenty of good things to say about LinkedIn and how it helps their businesses.

For instance, Leopardo and Jones Lang LaSalle pointed to LinkedIn as an important tool for recruiting new employees and boosting their online visibility. Jones Lang LaSalle also told True Agos that the company encourages all of its employees to contribute to LinkedIn discussions as a way to boost the credibility of the company.

Officials at Op2mize told True Agos that LinkedIn allows them to perform timely research, set themselves apart as true commercial real estate experts and network with potential customers. The company pointed to a tenant-rep assignment that it received earlier this year through LinkedIn as proof of the power of this social media tool.

If you want to read more about the power of LinkedIn and other social media tools, be sure to check out True Agos’ column in the August issue of Midwest Real Estate News. You might be surprised at how effective a business-building tool socical media sites can be for commercial real estate firms.

— Dan Rafter

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