Midwest brokers no strangers to dominance: New book proves it


It’s easy for people on the coasts to ignore the Midwest. But when it comes to commercial real estate, the Midwest is fortunate: It boasts some of the top commercial brokers in the country.

I know this because I interview these professionals regularly. And hopefully others will learn this truth thanks to author Rod Santomassimo.

Santomassimo is author of the book “Brokers Who Dominate.” And in it, he profiles some of the industry’s top commercial brokers, including several from the Midwest.

John Huguenard, managing director and head of investments for Jones Lang LaSalle in Chicago, is featured in the book. So is Robert Brehmer, managing partner of NAI Daus in Cleveland.

They each give great advice on how to succeed in this business. Brehmer’s profile, for instance, contains tips on how to build a team, prospect for new business and use technology wisely.

Huguenard’s profile includes thoughts on being both creative and disciplined to succeed in the challenging business of commercial real estate.

You can learn more about Santomassimo’s book here. I’d recommend that anyone interested in building a career in commercial real estate purchase it. The advice contained in its pages — some of it coming from Midwest pros — is invaluable.

— Dan Rafter

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    CREDetroit: You are absolutely right. I just added that button. So Tweet away, everyone!


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