Minnesota’s Hellmuth & Johnson keeps growing

Blake Nelson

Edina-based law firm Hellmuth & Johnson will soon be getting bigger. That’s because Marshall Tanick and Earl Cohen, previously with the firm Mansfield Tanick & Cohen P.A., will be merging their practices with the Edina firm as of Oct. 1.

The merger will bring a total of eight new attorneys to Hellmuth & Johnson. In addition to Cohen and Tanick, Hellmuth will see the arrival of attorneys Denise Tataryn, Teresa Ayling, Brian Niemczyk, Steven Rose, KrisAnnNorby Jahner and Brian Christiansen.

With the addition of these attorneys, Hellmuth & Johnson will now have a total of 47 lawyers working on its staff.

After adding the eight new lawyers, Hellmuth & Johnson has also expanded its geographic reach. The Edina law firm is now licensed to practice in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, California and Iowa.

Blake Nelson, managing partner of Hellmuth & Johnson, said the new attorneys are a good fit for the company.

“This new group brings some innovative new practice areas to our firm that our clients can benefit from,” he said. “Our goal when looking at bringing in new attorneys is to look at how it will benefit our clients in the long run. This group brings some additional expertise in areas that we didn’t already cover. That’s good for our firm.”

This is far from the first time Hellmuth & Johnson has grown. The firm started in 1994 with just three lawyers. After the eight new attorneys move to the firm, it will boast nearly 50.

“We’ve always striven to provide good service,” Nelson said. “If you achieve good results for your clients, word gets around. That has happened with us. Clients have been pleased with the services they’ve received. They’ve passed the word on. And that’s helped us grow over the years.”

Nelson says that Hellmuth & Johnson attorneys are also blessed with entrepreneurial spirits, something else that has helped the firm grow.

The firm itself also boasts a full-time in-house marketing department to help increase its profile, attract new business and, of course, attract some of the most talented attorneys in the Twin Cities area.

Cohen said that he is looking forward to joining Hellmuth & Johnson.

“We had been looking for some time for a merger partner. We were looking for a like-minded firm that had many of the same philosophies that we have,” Cohen said. “And we were also looking for a firm that had breadth and depth in other areas that we didn’t necessarily serve. We’ve found that with Hellmuth & Johnson.”

Hellmuth & Johnson has now grown to become one of Minnesota’s top-25 law firms. The firm offers a wide variety of legal services with a focus on clients in the construction, real estate, financial, technology and medical industries.

— Dan Rafter

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