Want to build in the Chicago suburb of Oak Park? Take the tour


Oak Park, Ill., has always been a special place. It’s located close enough to the city so that its residents can hop on a train or bus and be in downtown Chicago in minutes. Yet the village has its own feel. People have described it to me as a little city within a big city.

And, something that’s important in a part of the country still struggling with self-imposed segregation, Oak Park is one of the few Chicago suburbs praised — for the most part — for its diversity.

It’s also a good place in which to sell or develop commercial real estate. In a sign that Oak Park is eager for more commercial development, the village is hosting a broker and developer tour on Oct. 24 at 1 p.m. The tour is designed to showcase the economic opportunities for those looking to launch or expand businesses in this Chicago suburb.

Brokers, developers and other guests will have the chance to take one of two community tours that will highlight existing retail and commercial opportunities and development sites.

“We want developers and brokers to see Oak Park in a new light,” said Loretta Daly, Oak Park’s business services manager, in a written statement. “The recent creation of the Business Services Department reflects the village’s recognition that we need to help create a clear path for companies so that they can locate and flourish in those critical early stages of business.

For more information about the tour, check out this Web site. And if you want to get a close look at Oak Park itself, play the video at the top of this post.

— Dan Rafter

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