A pre-Thanksgiving break: Midwesterners love their green-bean casserole

Looks good! (Photo courtesy of Del Monte)

Looks good! (Photo courtesy of Del Monte)

by Dan Rafter

We’re now a week away from Thanksgiving. For commercial real estate pros the holiday is that rare chance to step away from work. Thanksgiving is no time to close a real estate deal (unless it’s a really big one).

In that spirit, here’s a break from commercial real estate news: Midwest residents really like the Thanksgiving staple of green-bean casserole.

Says who, you might ask. None other than Del Monte, the national grower and distributor of green beans. The company recently asked 1,500 U.S. residents to rate how much they liked the classic green-bean casserole. The company then ranked states in how much they liked this dish.

To no one’s surprise, Midwestern states dominated the list of 20 states that love this dish.

Kentucky took home the top spot, with 78 percent of residents telling Del Monte that they really like or love the side dish.

Three other Midwest states followed close behind, with Wisconsin taking the second spot (77 percent of residents really like or love green-bean casserole), Missouri the third (76 percent) and Iowa the fourth (75 percent).

Other Midwest states in the top-20 list are Kansas at spot 13 (66 percent), Ohio at number 16 (63 percent), Illinois at 18 (61 percent) and Michigan at 19 (60 percent).

So remember this Thanksgiving when you put down your smartphone and dig into your green-bean casserole, you’re in good company in enjoying this combo of green beans, fried onions and mushroom soup.

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