DTZ report: United States still top destination for real estate investors

dtz outlookby Dan Rafter

The United States remains the top destination for real estate investors in 2014, according to the latest research from global property services firm DTZ.

According to the firm’s fifth Annual Outlook report, seven U.S. cities in 2014 cracked the top 10 of investor market rankings. The United States also performed well in occupier markets, notching four of the top five occupier markets.

Why is the United States faring so well? DTZ points to economic diversity, a productive labor force and an availability of affordable space.

New York City — little surprise — topped DTZ’s investor rankings, with London coming in second place.

“There is good relative value across most markets, especially in the United States, which is why they dominate the list,” said Hans Vrensen, global head of research for DTZ. “However, a new generation of multi-national corporations are challenging the existing business establishment and expanding outside their home cities. Based on these occupier market rankings, second-tier cities will successfully challenge for top 10 spots over the next three years and occupiers will benefit from increased competition among cities.”

DTZ also looked to the future in its report, making predictions for 2017. The big one? The company expects Asian and European to become more important for investors by 2017. These cities will ofer investors greater diversity than markets in the United States, DTZ reported.

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