Cushman & Wakefield: Companies still don’t know how to attract Millennial talent

millennials workby Dan Rafter

What do businesses have to do to convince Millennials to work for them? Offer them a job, might be the cynical answer. But with unemployment slowly falling, businesses might find themselves actually competing for the most-talented Millennials.

That brings us to the latest report from Cushman & Wakefield’s Global Consulting Group. The report highlights the workplace preferences of Millennials, and provides employers a handy blueprint for making themselves as attractive as possible to Millennial job-hunters.

The report’s authors — Steve Zatta and Michael McDermott — say that a surprisingly high number of companies don’t understand what it takes to attract and energize Millennial workers.

As the report says, Millennials already make up about 40 percent of the workforce and will make up 75 percent of it by 2025. It makes sense, then, that businesses should do what they can to attract these younger workers.

So, what do Millennials want? According to the report, 95 percent of Millennials agree with the statement: “I work harder when I understand how my work contributes to the company’s mission.”

The report also found that 89 percent of Millennials believe that it is important to be constantly learning while on the job, while 88 percent say that culture is an important element of their dream jobs. The report found that 73 percent of Millennials say that they want to emerge as a leader during the next five years.

Cushman & wakefield found this tidbit, too: According to the company’s report, Millennials don’t usually leave companies because they want to work someplace else. They leave instead because they are in search of new experiences and learning opportunities.

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