Kansas residents are smart: They don’t spend too much time making that holiday meal

holiday mealby Dan Rafter

It’s one thing to eat that Christmas dinner. It’s not quite as much fun to cook it. Maybe that’s why so many home chefs in Kansas spend as little time as possible on preparing their big holiday meals.

The folks at Del Monte recently compiled a list of the speediest states when it comes to preparing holiday meals. And Kansas topped the list, with cooks here spending an average of just 3.6 hours on preparing their holiday meals.

Iowa came in second, with its chefs spending an average of 3.7 hours to get the turkey, ham, green beans and mashed potatoes on the table.

In fact, Midwesterners seem to be fairly quick when it comes to holiday meals. Del Monte found that Nebraska residents were the sixth speediest — taking just 4.1 hours on average to prepare the holiday meal — while Illinois came in at 13th, 4.6 hours.

This is good news, though. The fewer hours Midwesterners spend in the kitchen, the more they can spend with their families.

And for us at Midwest Real Estate News, Illinois Real Estate Journal, Chicago Industrial Properties and Minnesota Real Estate Journal? This post is our way of wishing our readers a happy holiday season.

Don’t eat too much. And, most of all, don’t spend too much time hovering over that stove.

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