Here are the retailers that will see the most growth in 2015

Which retailers are the ones to watch in 2015? According to Marcus & Millichap, Subway tops the list.

Many of Subway's sandwiches are cold, but the company's 2015? That should be hot.

Many of Subway’s sandwiches are cold, but the company’s 2015? That should be hot.

According to Marcus & Millichap’s 2015 retail forecast, Subway, which already operates more than 38,000 stores across the United States, plans to open 2,500 new stores in 2015. That’s more stores than any other retailer expects to open this year.

In second place — far behind, though — is Dollar General, which plans to open 650 stores in 2015. The discount retailer already runs 10,291 stores across the United States.

Other top performers include Five Guys, an gourmet hamburger chain, which plans to add 600 new stores to its existing 1,350 locations, and T-Mobile, which expects to open 400 stores in 2015, boosting its existing 2,200 locations.

KFC made the list, coming in fifth place. The venerable fast-food chain operate 5,550 restaurants at the end of 2014 and planned to open 350 in 2015. Pizza Hut, despite some recent financial woes, also expects to open 350 new locations this year, adding to its existing 7,850 restaurants.

Can you ever get enough 7-Elevens in your community? Apparently not. Marcus & Millichap says that the convenience store chain plans to grow by 300 U.S. locations in 2015, stores that will join the company’s existing 50,550 shops.

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