Probably not safe for work, but here’s how RadioShack should respond to those snickering about its struggles

by Dan Rafter

These are tough times for venerable retailers. McDonald’s is having well-publicized problems. Now tech retailer RadioShack has filed for bankruptcy protection after 94 years.

The odd part of RadioShack’s story, though, is the laughs that it has generated from pundits. Many commentators are poking fun at RadioShack, saying that it failed to adapt to the times.

John Oliver, the comedian and host of HBO’s Last Week Tonight, has noticed. He put together this funny tribute to RadioShack, including a clip illustrating how he thinks the retailer should respond to those laughing at its struggles.

Watch the video below — but be warned, it’s a bit unsafe for work, with plenty of words you don’t want to say in the office. Watch it at home. And if you are averse to cussing, don’t watch it at all. I think, though, you’ll agree that this is a fitting way for RadioShack to go out.

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