The best and worst states for business: Where does your home state rank?

best and worstby Dan Rafter

What states do CEOs prefer? Texas, Florida and North Carolina top their list, according to the 2015 Best and Worst States for Business survey from Chief Executive Magazine.

The magazine prints its list every year. CEOs rank the top states according to three categories: taxes and regulations, qualify of the workforce and living environment.

Texas has long been a favorite of CEOs, with the state topping the list for 11 straight years. The numbers for Texas? Since December of 2007, the state has created 1.2 million net jobs. That’s especially impressive when you consider that 700,000 net jobs were created in the other 49 states combined during the same period.

The Midwest didn’t fare too well in the survey. California ranked last in the survey, but Illinois came in at a poor 48th. According to Chief Executive Magazine, Illinois ranked low because of its high tax rate and tight regulatory environment.

The Midwest state that ranked the highest was Indiana, coming in sixth place on the survey. Wisconsin came in 12th place, Iowa 13th and Ohio 22nd. Nebraska came in 25th place, while Missouri notched a 26th-place finish, with Kansas and Kentucky right behind in 27th and 28th place.

Minnesota pulled in at 31st place, while Michigan earned a 43rd place finish.

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