Zumper: Apartment rents reaching new highs

zumper rent data2by Dan Rafter

It’s one thing to read that apartment rents are on the rise. But when you see the actual numbers? It’s shocking how much it can cost to live in a one-bedroom apartment in a major city today.

Zumper, a national home and apartment search site, recently released its September report on the cities with the most expensive one-bedroom median rents. Only one city from the Midwest made this list, Chicago.

The one-bedroom median apartment rent in the Chicago market stood at $1,920 in September. That’s pretty high. But if you want to spend even more each month, rent a one-bedroom apartment in San Francisco. In September, the median one-bedroom rent in this city rose to $3,530. And in New York, the median one-bedroom rent was a whopping $3,160.

Other cities in Zumper’s top 10 are Boston, with a median one-bedroom rent in September of $2,270; San Jose, California, $2,220; and Washington DC, $2,110.

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