Quick hit: Juggling the work/life balance

Jay Moore

Jay Moore

by Dan Rafter

What do all the successful CRE pros Midwest Real Estate News interviews have in common? They work long hours. You have to if you want to thrive in this business.

But how do you work these long hours and still find time to spend with your family?

We asked Jay Moore, a developer with Excelsior, Minnesota-based Oppidan Investment Company, that very quesdtion. Here’s what he told us:

Being a real estate developer with lofty goals is, in fact, a job that requires attention to detail and careful time management.

At Oppidan, we have a culture of work hard, play hard, and take time off to enjoy your family. Our jobs require us to be on point and have knowledge in many markets. This requires a lot of time in airplanes, touring sites, forging relationships with brokers, lenders and tenants, etc., all while working long hours and achieving company results.

For me, it is the prioritizing of my faith, being a good husband and dad, being a good employee and co-worker, coaching my two kids in sports, taking family vacations, spending time on the lake with my wife and kids, and having a quality social life that balances work and family.

I feel fortunate to be able to work in an environment at Oppidan that allows for a balanced work and family life. Without a doubt, Oppidan is the best real estate development job and culture in the world.

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