Quick hits: Another take on the work-life balance

Mary Anne Wisinski-Rosely

Mary Anne Wisinski-Rosely

by Dan Rafter

What do all the successful CRE pros Midwest Real Estate News interviews have in common? They work long hours. You have to if you want to thrive in this business.

But how do you work these long hours and still find time to spend with your family?

We asked commercial real estate pro Mary Anne Wisinski-Rosely, NAI Wisinski of West Michigan in Grand Rapids, Michigan, that question. Here’s what she told us:

The balance between work and family can be tough as a commercial real estate agent, especially as a female in the industry. In this industry you never get away from work. At a young age, my children learned that when mom received a call that it was business and they had to be quiet. They understood. If they started to get loud all it took was “the evil eye” and they would quiet down.

With today’s technology, work is always there. This can be a good and bad thing. You have to know that when it is family time you have to set work aside otherwise you will miss out on time that can never be replaced. Since work is always there you can always return e-mails later in the evening.

It is the deadlines that can be tough. Your family has to understand that sometimes work is important and you have to work. An understanding family and good help are important.

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