Single? Then Ypsilanti is the Midwest town for you

Photo by Nick Azzaro for Livability.

Photo by Nick Azzaro for Livability.

by Dan Rafter

Are you single? Then you might want to move to Ypsilanti, Michigan. ranked it as the sixth-best city for singles in the United States. Ypsilanti nabbed the top ranking of any Midwest city.

What makes it such a great place for singles? In creatings its list of the most singles-friendly U.S. cities, Livability first looked at how many unmarried people in the prime marriageable age live in a particular city. The company then looked at places where people are doing the things that single people most often do. The cities on Livability’s list, then, have plenty of art galleries, bars, nightclubs, pool halls, karaoke bars and movie theaters.

The folks at Livability even subtracted points from cities in which people spend too much time playing computer games. That might sound odd, but Livability says that people who spend too much time in front of screens don’t leave the house enough, making it tricky for others to date them.

What makes Ypsilanti such a great place for singles? Livability pointed to the high number of young and creative types who are giving this city an artsy vibe these days. It helps, too, that housing prices are rising so quickly in nearby Ann Arbor. Those high prices have caused singles to look for nearby alternatives, and Ypsilanti is a top choice.

Livability says that singles far outnumber married people here. Part of that might be because Ypsilanti is a college town, home to Eastern Michigan University. Livability also found that Ypsilanti residents use dating apps at a higher percentage than do most U.S. adults. Ypsilanti residents also spend more time at dance clubs, bars and watching romance movies at local theaters.

The only other Midwest city that made Livability’s list is Ames, Iowa, which ranked right behind Ypsilanti, coming in seventh place.

Topping the list was Carrboro, North Carolina, which is considered, according to Livability, as one of the most progressive communities in the southeast.

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