What do apartment renters want today?

by Dan Rafter

What amenities do today’s renters want? The National Multifamily Housing Council asked this question of nearly 120,000 apartment residents across the country. Respondents said that they wanted to be within walking distance of grocery stores, restaurants and public transit.

Renters said, too, that they want ample parking, pools, fitness centers and high-speed Internet access.

Here’s a look, in infographic form, of what the Multifamily Housing Council found in its survey.

apartment trends



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One Response to What do apartment renters want today?

  1. mpclark says:

    I am licensed agent and property manager in Ohio. In Ohio, renters want affordable rents.
    They would like to feel somewhat safe on the rental premises.
    They would appreciate their children being somewhat safe at home and while going to and from school.
    They would appreciate some form of cheap, reliable mass transit so they could go to work affordably.
    I have never heard a renter comment on needing a workout facility or a pool for any leisure time activities. Renters often work more than one job. That includes single parents.
    I have worked in rentals in the Cincinnati, OH area since 1999.

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