Colliers’ Millennial survey brings surprises

milwaukeeby Dan Rafter

What do Millennials want across the country? Who knows? But Colliers has some ideas of what Millennials in the metropolitan Milwaukee area want.

Colliers International Wisconsin sponsored the Public Policy Forum survey of Millennials in Milwaukee and its suburbs. Colliers found that young adults here don’t always conform to the beliefs most people hold about Millennials when it comes to the working world.

That’s important. As Colliers says, by 2030, Millennials will account for 75 percent of the workforce. This means that firms mulling over space decisions need to know what these young workers want, and what will make them the most productive.

What did Colliers find? First, Millennials in the Milwaukee area do want workplaces that promote collaborations. But they also want quiet spaces dedicated to what Colliers calls “heads down, focused work.”

According to the survey, 72.5 percent of Millennials in Southeast Wisconsin value workplaces that foster collaboration, while 65.7 percent also value the availability of quiet workspaces.

And what about that passion for all things urban? That’s not necessarily all that important to the Millennials in the Milwaukee area. According to Colliers, Millennials in Southeastern Wisconsin want the availability of affordable parking onsite or nearby their workplaces. In fact, the Millennials responding to Colliers’ survey ranked parking higher when determining their ideal workplace location more so than any other factor.

Coming in a close second to parking is the availability of amenities within walking distance. In essence, then, Millennials want the convenience of taking their cars to work with the abilit to walk to nearby amenities during the day and for after-work activities.

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