Can you spot the mistake with this ad?

The right marketing message can provide a boost to any commercial real estate company. And at, we see plenty of skilled marketing messages. But sometimes, real estate companies — like all companies — miss the mark when it comes to their advertising materials.

Consider the ad below:

bad ad

It ran in a UK paper. Can you see what’s wrong with it? If not, check out this original post by The Poke, a site that boasts of “time well wasted.” But the gist? It’s not easy to “Click here” on an ad that’s running in print.

It’s obvious that the real estate agents here simply took one of their online ads and stuck it in a newspaper. Hopefully none of the paper’s readers spent all money pressing on the ad hoping to “find out how.”

This is a silly mistake, and the real estate specialists involved don’t work in commercial real estate. But it does show how simple advertising or marketing mistakes can make companies look unprofessional.

The lesson here is a simple one: Pay close attention to both your print and your online advertising. And just because an ad works for your Web site doesn’t mean it will translate to the still-important world of print media.

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