More Midwest cities now earning high walkability scores


Downtown Cleveland has become far more walkable in recent years.

Downtown Cleveland has become far more walkable in recent years.

by Dan Rafter

Cities are investing more dollars into making their neighborhoods friendlier to pedestrians. And that’s good news: A growing number of people are interested in moving to urban areas in which they can walk to stores, restaurants, public transportation and parks. As cities invest more in creating walkable communities, it’s easier for owners and developers to attract consumers to their shops, restaurants and apartment buildings.

According to a new report from LOCUS — a dvision of Smart Growth America — for maybe the first time in 60 years office and multifamily properties in walkable urban places in all 30 of the largest metropolitan areas in the United States are gaining market share over their drivable suburban competition.

The report walks the most walkable of major urban areas in the United States. New York City, no surprise, tops the list. But Chicago ranks highest in the Midwest and fourth in the nation, according to the report. Minneapolis-St. Paul ranks 13th, while Cleveland, St. Louis and Kansas City pull up in the next three spots.

Cincinnati ranks 18th, while Detroit has earned a ranking of 21.

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